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Bucky Don't 'Learn the Hard Way' grab this quintessential RAWK n ROLL demo and be 'Blinded' by the high energy output of 'Z28' Favorite track: Blinded.
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released September 23, 2016

Recorded and engineered at Noise Collaborative Studios by J. Negro
Mixed at Noise Collaborative Studios by Rick Surette
Mastered at New Alliance East by Nick Z.

All Music and Lyrics: Jeff Hayward

Arranged by Z28

Jeff Hayward - Vocals, Guitar, Cowbell
J. Negro - Bass, Backing Vocals
Breaux Silcio - Drums



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Z28 Lynn, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Learn the Hard Way
I've been cheated
I've been mistreated
I've been kicked around
and I've been abused

I've been ripped off
And I've been pissed off
Taken advantage of
and I've been misused

I've been lied to
But I try to
Try to forgive
But I can never forget

I've been done wrong
And I have done wrong
I made my own mistakes
And live with regret

I've learned some lessons
I learned the hard way
I learned not to repeat
The sins of my past

It's never easy
I learned the hard way
I learned not to repeat
The sins of my past
Track Name: Blinded
Your life is full of anguish
Your demons you can't vanquish
You just can't seem to stop them
You never hit rock bottom

You're blinded
So blinded

I hope someday you'll see
What everyone else sees
You're slowly killing yourself
Succumb to your disease

(repeat chorus)

The truth is all around you
But you're too blind to see
You're living in denial
A false reality

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Z28
As the sun's setting down on my day
And I'm looking for a little hell
Got a girl waiting there for me
She's dressed in black from head to tail
She's looking tight and she feels so right
Baby as I slip on in
Gonna ride her all through the night
She's looking for a little sin

She's warming up and she's getting hot
I think that she's ready to go
I drive her hard and I drive her fast
She never wants to take it slow
She feels so good and I feel so high
I think that I am falling in love
My baby knows just what I like
And that she gives me plenty of

I'm shifting gears and I'm burning rubber
Her motors roaring I am rolling thunder
As I approach 100 miles per hour
Buckle up and feel her horsepower

I drove all night till the break of day
I'll take her home it's getting late
Till tomorrow when I see her again
I'll take her on another date
Count the hours as they pass on by
I tell you I can hardly wait
See my girl take her for a spin
I love my old Z28

(repeat chorus)